College Advisors

The advisors in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute are among the best at Purdue University. Your advisor is your program advocate and is available to help you with not only curricular matters but also career advice. Our advisors are seasoned professionals that can help you not only navigate the intricacies of the programs they are associated with, but also the intricacies of an institution as large as Purdue University. The advisors for each of our majors are shown below.

School of Aviation and Transportation Technology

Lavonna Kuhn's picture
Academic Advisor
Heather Mayorga's picture
Senior Academic Advisor

Department of Computer Graphics Technology

Aimee Griggs's picture
Senior Academic Advisor
Kim Lanham's picture
Academic Advisor
Eddie Ng's picture
Academic Advisor

Department of Computer and Information Technology

School of Construction Management Technology

Danielle Gilbert's picture
Lead Academic Advisor

School of Engineering Technology

Tim Grasham's picture
Academic Advisor
Lindsay Haugland's picture
Senior Academic Advisor, ECET/ENGT Schedule Deputy
Susan Hockings's picture
Senior Academic Advisor
Jill Lloyd-Crucini's picture
Academic Advisor
Tami Lynch's picture
Assistant Director of Advising--Polytechnic Advising
Kimberly Vi's picture
Academic Advisor
Lee Gordon's picture
Academic Advisor

Department of Technology Leadership and Innovation

Cassie Pendleton's picture
Senior Academic Advisor - Technology Leadership & Innovation