People Profiles

Name Degree(s) Job Title Employersort descending
Anthony Najem Alulmni Profile Anthony Najem Building Construction Management '81 Chief Executive Officer Meyer Najem
Larry Smith Alumni Profile Larry Smith Mechanical Engineering Technology '86 Plant Manager MicroMetl Corporation
Troy Davis Computer and Information Technology '13 Service Engineer for Safety Platform in the Operating Systems Group Microsoft Corp.
James Milburn Alumni Profile James Milburn Building Construction Management '06 Owner/Manager Milburn LLC
James Clary Alumnu Profile James Clary Industrial Technology '72 President Modern Graphics, Inc
Claudia Smith Alumni Profile Claudia Smith Electrical Engineering Technology '15 Sales engineer Molex
George Mosey Alumni Profile George Mosey Mechanical Engineering Technology '72 Owner/Corporate Secretary/Treasurer Mosey Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Francis McPhillips Alumni Profile Francis McPhillips Mechanical Engineering Technology '82 Instructor, Machine Trades New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corp.
Tammy Fisher Alumni Profile Tammy Fisher Computer and Information Technology '84 Product Manager Noridian Mutual Insurance
John Schooler Alumni Profile John Schooler Computer and Information Technology '82 Vice President, Chief Information Officer Orlando Regional Healthcare