People Profiles

Name Degree(s)sort descending Job Title Employer
Allen Lindsey Allen Organizational Leadership with a minor in Psychology
Carlos Simpson Carlos Simpson Organizational Leadership ’16 Talent Acquisition Sourcer Anthem, Inc.
Keri Wright Alumni Profile Keri Wright Professional Flight '04, Aviation and Aerospace Management '06 President and CEO Universal Asset Management
Tim Gleeson Alumni Profile Tim Gleeson Professional Flight '14 Flight instructor Trident Aircraft
Thomas Kieffer Alumni Profile Thomas Kieffer Professional Flight '15 First Officer Endeavor Air
Omar Mulchandani Omar Mulchandani Professional Flight '23 First Officer Frontier Airlines
Robert Pratt Alumni Profile Robert Pratt Professional Flight '68 Retired Captain Southwest Airlines
Charles Crosby Alumni Profile Charles Crosby Professional Flight '77 B-777 Captain United Airlines
Ron Eller Alumni Profile Ron Eller Professional Flight '81 Retired Hewlett Packard
James Paulsen Alumni Profile James Paulsen Professional Flight '83 Retired U.S. Navy