People Profiles

Namesort descending Degree(s) Job Title Employer
Larry Smith Alumni Profile Larry Smith Mechanical Engineering Technology '86 Plant Manager MicroMetl Corporation
Les Abend Les Abend BS ’79, Aviation Technology
Lindsay Harper Lindsay Harper Computer and Information Technology '21 Business Analyst Cisco
Allen Lindsey Allen Organizational Leadership with a minor in Psychology
Logan Boyer Logan Boyer Virtual Product Integration '21 Engineering Leadership Development Program Bell Flight – Textron
Lucy Gotwals Computer and Information Technology
Mark Dinius Mark Dinius BS ’09, Computer Graphics Technology Building Information Modeling (BIM) manager Satterfield & Pontikes Construction
Mark S. Loepker Mark S. Loepker AS ’74, Aviation Electronics Technology; BS ’77, Electrical Engineering Technology; MBA ’82, Statistical Methods, University of Missouri National Security Agency Executive (retired) Department of Defense
Mark Stidham Alumni Profile Mark Stidham Mechanical Engineering Technology '79 President, North American Exhaust Division Faurecia Exhaust Systems Inc.
Matthew McKillip Alumni Profile Matthew McKillip Computer and Information Technology '85 Mayor City of Kokomo