Technology and the History of Commercial Spaceflight

Purdue’s MS in Aviation and Aerospace Management is conducted 100% online and prepares future leaders to meet the challenges presented by the rapid advancements in the aviation and aerospace industry. Learn more about Purdue’s master's program on the... Read More

Pursuing Purdue’s D.Tech. online doctorate of technology pays off for data science leader

D.Tech., Purdue's fully online technology doctorate, is a proven career booster.

 Big Tech Needs Women-Led Innovations

An increasing number of women are entering tech fields, but the tech industry has ample room to grow when it comes to diversity. This article offers recommendations for how tech fields can support women’s leadership and promote gender equity through concrete, measurable actions and big-picture change. 

Construction Management Graduate Degree Fosters Innovative Student Projects

Purdue’s MS in Construction Management emphasizes a project-based curriculum that helps students apply what they’ve learned to their jobs in real time. Two program alums -- Paul Gomez and Emily Bonham -- created projects that significantly furthered their construction careers.

Purdue Prepares Project Managers to Master Change

COVID-19 laid bare how important change management is to organizational success. Delta Airlines is one example of a business that successfully responded to pandemic-related change. Purdue’s online Project Management Master’s program prepares students to become experts in change management.

Artificial Intelligence: A Breakthrough Industry

Artificial intelligence is a remarkable up-and-coming technology that promises to transform countless industries and organizational processes. The complexity of AI technology is increasing the demand for technology experts who can understand the science behind AI and the implications of its use. The AI industry is growing quickly, and technology experts are well poised to be at the forefront... Read More

Data visualization powered by artificial intelligence (AI) drives new ways to analyze and interpret data

A picture is worth a thousand words, the old saying goes, and it speaks to a simple truth: humans are visual animals. This is what makes data visualization the potential capstone of the analytic process and a key element in arriving at action-based findings from masses of data. No wonder many software tool companies are investing in new technologies to make data visualization an integral... Read More