Job Postings and Interviews

All students in the School of Construction Management Technology are trained and encouraged to use the Center for Career Opportunity (CCO) located on the Purdue campus in Young Hall. The CCO is a student resource for all things related to finding both internships and jobs after graduation. The CCO is also a great resource for employers.

Posting a Job Opportunity

Posting a job opportunity on the CCO website should be considered an essential part of your recruiting strategy. This website is used by all Purdue students and alumni from all schools/majors on campus. Once your company is registered (this is free), you are able to recruit not only SCMT students and alumni, but any Purdue student/Alumni. Putting your company job posting on the CCO website increases your company visibility not only before and after the career fair, but year round. You will also have the ability to collect resumes and direct students to your company website from this posting.

General Job Posting

  • Login or create an account on the CCO NACElink website. Go to
  • After you login click “Post jobs to Purdue only (free listing)” and upload your job posting. There are
  • other fields and criteria to fill in to narrow your candidate search. Examples of screen criteria include:
  • majors, graduation dates, years of experience, degree level, etc.
  • You will be able to login at any time to view applicants, see their resumes, or direct them to your
  • website to start an application process.
  • Effective job postings will contain: a descriptive title, a brief over of the company, the job description
  • and key responsibilities, position requirements (major, degree level, etc ...), critical skills or other
  • certifications, location.
  • Other job posting recommendations:

    • Create a separate posting for each position. Individual postings are more effective and more likely to generate interest
    • Do not post the same position using more than one option because it will create duplicate postings.
    • Set the posting date (this will be visible to students) and then decide how long you wish to leave the posting open. At a minimum it is recommended that you leave it open for a few weeks. The maximum length for a posting is 180 days. We ask that employers please remove the posting after the job is filled.
    • List any Purdue career fairs or events that you will be attending on campus.

Resume Collection (General Job Posting with Screening Criteria)

The resume collection option is the same as a general job posting but it adds screening criteria to help you target the population you are seeking. You will be able to screen by major, degree, citizenship and graduation date. Many employers do not utilize the screening option as they may find a great candidate that would have otherwise been screened out. Also a “resume collection” can be switched to an “on- campus visit” if needed, where as a standard “job listing” cannot. 

On-Campus Interviews (OCI)

Let the system do all the work for you. After you have uploaded your job posting and added the screening criteria, students are able to apply on line. You review their resumes and select the candidates you would like to interview. Students will be notified to login and select an interview time. Employers are encouraged to select their on campus date first, if possible. There are times the CCO is extremely busy and may not be able to accommodate last minute interview schedules. However, we understand that sometimes the level of interest needs to be gauged first, before an employer decides to schedule on campus interviews. In this case, a “resume collection” function should be set up, and then switched to an “on-campus visit” once that decision is made.

Still have questions?

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