Faculty Research Interests

Kereshmeh Afsari's Research Interests

  • Computational Science in Building Design, Construction, and Operations
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technologies
  • Sustainable Design and Construction
  • Smart Buildings and Internet of Things (IoT)

Kirk Alter's Research Interests

  • Sustainability in Development, Engineering & Construction
  • Green Building
  • Design / Build
  • International Construction
  • Electrical Construction Management
  • Mechanical Construction Management
  • Financial Management for Contractors
  • Incentive Plans for Contractors
  • Construction Field Labor Productivity
  • Foreman & Supervisory Training
  • Project Management Training
  • Owners & Key Executive Management Training
  • Succession Planning for Contractors
  • Curriculum Design & Delivery - Craft Apprenticeship Training
  • Continuing Education for Contractors
  • Construction Company Leadership

Zarjon Baha's Research Interests

  • Civil Engineering Structures
  • Pre-cast / Pre-stressed Concrete Wall Panels
  • Structures related to Construction
  • Technical Education in Developing Countries such as Afghanistan

Brad Benhart's Research Interests

  • Project Controls and Risk Mitigation
  • Delivery Methods and Associated Contracts
  • Training Programs and Career Development for Commercial Contractors
  • Construction Company Staffing Structures
  • Strategic & Long-Term Planning for Company Owners and Executives
  • Pre-Construction Planning
  • Business Development & Marketing
  • Project Team Setup
  • Project Management Tools
  • Labor Negotiations
  • Healthcare Construction
  • Logistic Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Client Negotiations

Robert Cox's Research Interests

  • International Construction Project Collaboration
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Education
  • Conceptual Design / Conceptual Estimating
  • Cost Analysis and Trends
  • Integrated Construction Project Delivery
  • Training and Workforce Development / Human Resource Management
  • Internet-Based Collaborative Management Systems
  • Technology Applications in Construction
  • Performance Measurement Systems
  • Total Quality Management / Continuous Improvement Principles
  • Strategic Planning

Wesley Crawford's Research Interests

  • Construction Surveying
  • Field Engineering

Luciana Debs's Research Interests

  • Undergraduate Education and Curriculum Development
  • Problem Solving in Multidisciplinary Environments
  • Design and Construction Collaboration and Communication

Hazar Dib's Research Interests

  • (BIM) Building Information Modeling, Building Information Management
  • Application of Object-Oriented-Modeling to life cycle project management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Construction Project Delivery
  • Collaborative Communication
  • Construction Visualization
  • Artificial Intelligence/knowledge-Based Systems
  • Effect of Technology/Computer on Productivity and Human Factor
  • Construction Management, Maintenance and Safety
  • Sustainability in the context of (BIM) Building Information Modeling

Emad Elwakil's Research Interests

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Infrastructure Disaster Management
  • Simulation and Modelling
  • Risk Mangement
  • Companies and Organizations Performance

Bryan Hubbard's Research Interests

  • Construction safety
  • Construction management
  • Construction workforce development including training, recruitment, and retention
  • P-12 technology and engineering education
  • Sustainability, energy efficiency and green building including applications in industrial water usage
  • Mechanical construction management
  • Experiential learning
  • Hispanic construction worker safety

James Jenkins's Research Interests

  • Construction Worker Safety
  • Augmented Reality on the Construction Jobsite
  • Jobsite Productivity Improvement
  • Construction Pre-planning/Scheduling
  • Jobsite Quality Control
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Yi Jiang's Research Interests

  • Optimization methods
  • Stochastic process
  • Bridge management systems
  • Pavement management systems
  • Highway operations and traffic engineering
  • Pavement rehabilitation techniques
  • Transportation infrastructural performance and modeling
  • Operation and safety of highway construction zones
  • Pavement design methods
  • Traffic data collection and analysis
  • Highway safety
  • GPS and GIS applications in highway operations

Douglas Keith's Research Interests

  • Highway / Bridge Construction
  • Earthmoving
  • Waste water treatment and Water treatment plants
  • Underground utility construction including tunneling
  • Some demolition with hazardous materials removal
  • Field Engineering (construction layout)

Daphene Koch's Research Interests

  • Mechanical Construction
  • Expertise in site materials management
  • Research interest in STEM and assessment of training in construction

Joseph Orczyk's Research Interests

  • Construction Project Controls
  • Cost Estimating, Planning/scheduling
  • Change management
  • Project Performance Measurement
  • Cost Control
  • Claims Management
  • Project Management

Randy Rapp's Research Interests

  • Construction contract management
  • Construction cost engineering (estimating, scheduling, cost control, risk, profitability, productivity)
  • Construction equipment management
  • Construction inspection and quality program management
  • Construction organization management (strategy, policy, structure, human resources, finance)
  • Construction site planning and logistics
  • Disaster restoration and reconstruction management
  • Post-baccalaureate construction educational program design and management

Jiansong Zhang's Research Interests

  • Developing and leveraging advanced technologies to support construction engineering and management, construction automation, and sustainable infrastructure, including BIM, NLP, AI, VR, and Construction Robotics.