Sustainable Solution With Appropriate Technological Development and Innovation (SWADIN)

Thematic Framework:

The word “SWADIN” is derived from an ancient language “Sanskrit” and it means freedom. The underlying theme is to provide the stakeholders freedom from a given  problem. In other words, we need to develop solutions that will be sustainable and the solution will allow the stakeholder to get rid of the problem. Today, we are confronted with new and grand challenges to solve critical problems in the society. We need to adopt a system-based inclusive approach.  In our proposed framework, SWADIN, we focus on innovation to develop appropriate technologies for solving problem without transplanting the existing technologies. Adopting a 360 degree approach, we combine the strength of disruptive and reverse innovation. We further synchronize closely with the social, economical, cultural and political issues to develop innovative product and/or processes.

The salient characteristics of SWADIN framework are as follows:

  • SWADIN uses a systems-based approach to include all the stakeholders across the value-supply chain of the problem domain.
  • It uses solution-oriented approach than a specific discipline or technology based approach. Thus, it embraces multidisciplinary teams to work in an interdisciplinary manner.
  • This approach focuses on “End-in-Mind” to identify the problem and develop solutions while focusing on invention and innovation at the same time.  High emphasis is placed on varieties of innovation to create technologies that will be appropriate in a specific user domain rather than transplanting a technology that becomes a misfit.
  • This framework identifies the stakeholders (users, policy makers, intermediaries, students, researchers, technology developers) and focuses on engaging them from the beginning to the end (form the formulation of the problem to the development of the solution).
  • The critical stakeholders or the end users – the victim of the problem- become a part of the solutions. This concept then empowers the stakeholders to be the advocate of the solutions.


We emphasize the application of this concept “SWADIN” in three major areas in our laboratory – Integrated Sensing and Smart Solutions.

SWADIN Concept Graphic

Current Iniatives

Multidimensional Technological Innovations for Water-Linked Health & Wellness