Integrated Sensing and Smart Solutions Lab (ISoL)

The Integrated Sensing and Smart Solutions Lab is an interdisciplinary facility at Purdue Polytech, Purdue University.

Our key theme is to Advance discoveries to deliver solutions in Sustainability, Safety and Healthcare Applications.

We focus on four different thrusts.

1. Understand and characterize the intelligent (sensing/recognition) behavior of biological systems.

2. Develop and validate intelligent systems  (including wearables) and models for enhanced sustainability, safety, and healthcare applications.

3. Develop smart sensors/sensing systems (IOTs) for automation, quality control, detection, and diagnosis in industrial, healthcare, and biological domains.

4. Create innovative products/processes for social challenges. 



Integrated Sensing and Smart Solutions Laboratory (ISoL) – An interdisciplinary facility led by Suranjan Panigrahi, PhD.


Facility Location Faculty Contact
DUDL B336 Suranjan Panigrahi