Modeling and Model-Based Reasoning in STEM Conference

Cyberlearning Consortium



We are an interdisciplinary group of faculty at Purdue University working toward the realization of the use of technology in STEM learning.  


  • We concentrate our efforts on learning and educational approaches via networked computing and communication technologies with the possibility of redistributing learning experiences over time and space.
  • Our scope incorporates the entire range of learning experiences over the course of a lifetime—not only formal education or the workplace but throughout waking hours.  
  • Learning environments include in-person, online, and distance learning, computer-based technologies for teaching and learning, computer-supported collaborative learning, cyber-physical systems for data science and design thinking, and cyberinfrastructure for supporting STEM learning and computational thinking. 
  • Other related areas include computer-based assessment, stealth assessment, and educational data mining and learning analytics.