Main Activities

Our main activities guided by the following aims per NSF (2008):

  • Advance seamless cyberlearning anytime, anywhere / intentional or unintentional.
  • Seize the opportunity for remote and virtual laboratories to enhance STEM education.
  • Investigate virtual worlds and mixed-reality environments.
  • Produce, use, and reuse scientific data and educational research data effectively and responsibly.
  • Create accurate and effective technology-based assessment tools for personalized and just-in-time feedback.  

Research Foci

Or research foci combines theory, techniques, and perspectives from a wide range of disciplines and contexts at the intersection of learning sciences, cognitive psychology, discipline-based educational research and computing, among others.

Foci Outcomes
To advance fundamental research on STEM learning with and about technology in formal and informal environments. Foundational knowledge in STEM learning in intentionally-designed technology-based learning environments, and learning more broadly through an ecology of purpose-built and appropriated technology tools.
To develop technology-based learning environments to support STEM learning through formal and informal means. Cyberlearning personalized solutions proven as effective mechanisms for teaching and learning. Appropriation of existing technology-based tools to support learning.
To support STEM workforce development and broadening participation. Implementation of solutions in undergraduate classrooms and support to K-12 outreach efforts including the identification and utilization of informal or formal learning environments used to support professional practices (e.g., social media, knowledge sharing/Q&A sites).