Our international partners and collaborators are:

Name Member Research Interest
Chandan Dasgupta, Educational Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, India
Chandan Dr. Chandan Dasgupta is an Assistant Professor in the Department of IDP-Educational Technology at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Bombay, India. His research interests focus on (a) designing learning environments for supporting integrated STEM learning (both formal and informal contexts), (b) use of counterexamples as primary generators for supporting productive disciplinary engagement, (c) designing technological scaffolds for integrating design thinking and scientific inquiry, and (d) providing feedback to teachers and students to scaffold the design thinking process. He is also interested in exploring the application of educational neuroscience and its implications for designing learning environments.
Luis Neri, Physics, Tec de Monterrey, Mexico
Luis Dr. Luis Neri is a Full-time Professor of the Department of Sciences of the School of Engineering and Sciences of Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico City Campus. His lines of research include: i) the development, implementation and evaluation of virtual environments, such as online adaptive systems, collaborative online systems and simulators, mainly for the learning of Sciences and Engineering, ii) the use of analytical adaptive learning to develop predictive models of student performance; and iii) the implementation and measurement of students' learning impact on active learning strategies (problem-based learning, collaborative learning, project-oriented learning).
Julieta Noguez, Computer Science, Tec de Monterrey, Mexico
Julieta Julieta Noguez is associated full-time professor of the Department of Computer Science of the School of Engineering and Science (EIC) of Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico City Campus. She is the head of the Cyber-Learning & Data Science Laboratory of Tecnologico de Monterrey. She belongs to Research Group with Strategic focus in Innovation Products. Her research areas are: Intelligent and computer technologies in education and Data Science and intelligent systems for Health. She belongs to Mexican National Research System (SNI), Mexican Academy of Computation, IEEE, IEEE Computer Society, and IEEE Education Society.
Camilo Vieira, Instructional Technology, Universidad del Norte, Colombia
Camilo Dr. Vieira is an assistant professor in the Department of Education - IESE (Instituto de Estudios en Educación) at Universidad del Norte. His research interests focus on (1) integrating computational thinking and computation in disciplinary curricula, (2) assessment of open-ended tasks using learning analytics, (3) design, implementation, and assessment of educational technologies, and (4) teacher professional development and active learning.
Tugba Yuksel, Science Education, Recep Tayyip Erdogan University, Turkey
Tugba Dr. Yuksel is a Lecturer (with tenure track research appointment) in the Science Education Department at Recep Tayyip Erdogan University, Turkey.  Her research interests focus on investigating how individuals' construct and utilize meta models for meaningful understanding of STEM and designing model-based learning environment which is supported by physical mathematical and virtual manipulatives.