Advising and Registration


Students in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute must meet with their advisor at least once per semester.

Meeting with your Advisor

  • Some majors have group advising sessions, others have individual advising appointments or walk-in hours.
  • Your advisor will email you with information about the procedure used in your department.

Preparing for your Advising Session

  • Determine how many credit hours you want to take.
  • Compile a list of courses and alternates you would like to take.
  • Determine whether you meet all the prerequisites for these courses.
  • Once the Schedule of Classes is available on myPurdue, make sure all the course times work together.

Topics Typically Covered in an Advising Session

  • Progress toward your degree.
  • Appropriate courses for the next semester.
  • Academic standing.
  • Internships, career fairs, and other non-academic opportunities.
  • Registration PIN release.
  • Additional student questions.


Students register themselves on myPurdue. Registration begins in late October for the spring semester and in late March for the fall and summer semesters. Advising and PIN release must occur prior to registration.

After You Register

  • Print out your schedule from Week-at-a-Glance on the left side of the Academic tab on myPurdue. You will need to enter a date that is within the appropriate semester.
  • Confirm your enrollment.  (Enrollment confirmation can be completed on the Academic tab on myPurdue.)
  • Pay your fees by the due date indicated.  (A fee statement will not be generated until you register.)
  • Monitor your schedule periodically on Week-at-a-Glance.  Classes occasionally get moved, changed, or canceled.  It is your responsibility to check your schedule and make any changes necessary.
  • Read your Purdue email regularly. You should be notified if any changes have been made to your schedule.

Additional Information

The Schedule of Classes:  The Schedule of Classes  is typically available in mid-October for the spring semester, in mid-January for the summer semester and in mid-March for the fall semester.

Your time ticket:  Your individual registration period, or time ticket, is assigned by the Office of the Registrar.  Unless you have priority registration (for athletes, University Honors program, etc.), your time ticket is determined by the total number of credit hours you have posted to myPurdue.

  • You can access your time ticket by clicking on the Registration Status link on the left side of the Academic tab on myPurdue.
  • Your time ticket will be available in mid-October for the spring semester and in mid-March for the summer and fall semesters.

Registration PIN:  In order to register, you must meet with your advisor and get your Registration PIN.  You will get a new Registration PIN each semester.  The Registration PIN for the spring and summer semesters is the same.

  • After you have entered your Registration PIN into myPurdue for the first time each semester, you can access your Registration PIN by clicking on the Registration PIN link on the left side of the Academic tab of myPurdue.

Waiting lists:  If you try to enroll in a class that is full and the course doesn’t have linked sections, you may have the option to be placed on a waiting list for one particular section (CRN).  It is then particularly important to monitor your Purdue email, so that you can respond within the allotted 16 hours.

Course Withdrawal: A record of the fact that a student was enrolled in a course and withdrew from the course after the second week. When a course assignment is canceled prior to the end of two weeks of a semester or one week of a summer session, the course will not be recorded on the student’s record.