Specialize in sustainability, smart manufacturing, transportation, robotics, communications, entertainment or other leading edge areas of technology.

MS in Engineering Technology

Why Study Engineering Technology at Purdue?

Having an advanced degree from Purdue University will position you to make high-impact contributions in the field of engineering technology. Whether you are pursuing a master's degree or a Ph.D., your research and coursework will prepare you for leadership or advanced technical positions in industry, academia, and government in applied research, solution development, entrepreneurial ventures, and management.

Engineering technology professionals must be adaptable as they solve a wide variety of technical challenges. Engineering Technology involves use-inspired research, which can include production, operations, and processes to solve demanding business and industry challenges.  Engineering Technology as a discipline is primarily focused on using engineering science, values, and knowledge with the technical, personnel, and abilities necessary for typical engineering, electrical, manufacturing, mechanical, and related development projects or processes for example.

 A student in our graduate program has the opportunity for specialized coursework that you can put together with your major professor to create your plan of study. Working closely with your mentor can allow you the opportunity to contribute to leading-edge research projects.​