Bridging - Digital Innovation Training Program

Bridging Program

The first phase of the Dual Degree program will begin in Beijing with a Bridging Program offered by Tsinghua University. Upon completion of the bridging program, students will earn a certificate from Tsinghua. Students will participate in courses over a 6 month period and gain foundational knowledge and skills in design, communication, management, and project development. The topics covered in the bridging program include:


1.  Product Design and Development Management

2.  Start-ups’ Innovation Practice

3.  APP Design

4.  Cross Culture Design, Leadership & Communication

5.  Statistics and Finance

6.  Management Economics

7.  TRIZ

8.  Lean Operations Kaizen

9. Service Innovation Management


Classes will meet on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and one other day a week twice a month for 6 months.



Digital Technology Module:


2) Project Innovation and Development

3) Lean Operations

4) Services and Launching New Products

5) App Design and Development


Start-ups Operation Module:

1) Entrepreneurship and Innovation Practice

2) Cross-Culture Design, Leadership, and Communication

3) Managerial Economics

4) Applied Statistics and Finance

Admissions Requirements for Bridging Program

For more information about applying to the Bridging Program, please visit the Admissions page.



1. Deadline December 15th, 2016

2. Program starts from January 13th to July 23rd, 2017. 6 days per month.

3. Tuition Fee: 58,000RMB, which do not include transportation and accommodation costs.

4. Application materials:

1) application

2) official transcripts

3) studying certificate or degree certificate

4) photocopy of ID card

5) personal resume