CNIT 55100

Information Technology Economics and Procurement

Examines the economics of information systems and information technology as it relates to business performance. Topics include strategic information technology planning, alignment with business planning, value assessment, and performance measurement. Special emphasis is placed on issues relevant to strategic information technology infrastructure management, both for the information technology unit as well as the business as a whole.

Most students ultimately aspire to IT management, regardless of their area of specialization. If you want to be in management, you must learn to talk the language of business – economics, accounting, and budgets. This course explores the economics of information technology and its procurement from the perspective of financial management of IT within an organization. Students will explore the lifetime costs and benefits of an IT solution for the purpose of building a sound economic justification. The course will explore both IT project management and departmental budget perspectives.

Prerequisites:  None for graduate students.  Undergraduate juniors or seniors with GPA > 3.00.

Typically offered spring semester only.

Contact Professor Jeff Whitten for additional details.

Credit Hours: 

Computer and Information Technology

West Lafayette