Graduate Courses

Please refer to the Purdue Course Schedule for a current listing of Polytechnic Institute (former College of Technology) graduate course listings.

Please send update requests to the CIT Graduate Programs Chair.

This catalog describes frequently offered courses that might be included in your CIT graduate degree plan of study with permission of your faculty advisor and graduate committee. It is not necessarily exhaustive, but we will make every effort to keep this page and its underlying pop-ups current. Click on any course number to view its course description, prerequisites (if any), semesters typically offered, and instructor contact information. You can initiate an email to the instructor directly from most course descriptions.

There are two other web-based resources for course information. Both are maintained by the university, not CIT.  

  • The first is the official University Catalog.  It only includes permanent courses as approved by the university's various governing committees, senates, and councils.  Our page (below) also includes CIT prototype courses.  
  • The second university resource is Course Insights, which offers faculty-provided course information, such as recent syllabi.  Note that syllabi may not be current, but they should be recent enough to give students more information than is found in course catalogs.  Course Insights is relatively new, and currently voluntary; therefore, not all courses have been populated by the faculty.

Determining Availability and Registering for Classes

To see the schedule of classes offered for any given semester, and to register for classes, visit the myPurdue website.   myPurdue will tell you if the course is offered, when it meets, room numbers, and how many seats are still available.

CNIT 50000-59999 Graduate Courses

The remaining course descriptions on this page are maintained by CIT.  Click on any course title to see more detailed information.  Courses numbered 50000 through 59999 are taught as graduate courses, but are also available to undergraduate juniors and seniors (generally with GPAs > 3.00). 

CNIT 51100 - Foundations In Homeland Security Studies
CNIT 51200 - Managing Resources and Applications for Homeland Security
CNIT 55000 - Organizational Impact of Information Technology
CNIT 55100 - Information Technology Economics and Procurement
CNIT 55200 - Information Technology Project Management
CNIT 55300 - Quality Management in Information Technology
CNIT 55400 - Management of Information Technology Resources
CNIT 55500 - Advanced Network Security
CNIT 55600 - Basic Computer Forensics
CNIT 55700 - Advanced Research Topics in Cyber Forensics
CNIT 55800 - Bioinformatics
CNIT 55900 - Data Warehousing
CNIT 56000 - Advanced High Performance Computing Systems
CNIT 56100 - Advanced Parallel Data Systems
CNIT 56500 - Information Security Management
CNIT 58100 - (variable title course -see specific versions of this course number)
CNIT 58100-APM - Advanced Topics in Project Management
CNIT 58100-AST - Assistive Technology and Robotics
CNIT 58100-BIG - Cyber Infrastructure for Big Data Analytics
CNIT 58100-CFA - Cyberforensics for the Apple Ecosystem
CNIT 58100-CFC - Cyberforensics of the Cloud and Virtual Environments
CNIT 58100-CFF - Cyberforensics of File Systems
CNIT 58100-CFM (previously CNIT 58100-009) - Cyberforensics of Malware
CNIT 58100-CIT - CIT Research Seminar
CNIT 58100-COO - Management of Disaster and Emergency Actions for Homeland Security
CNIT 58100-CPL - Cyber Physical Systems Integration for Learning
CNIT 58100-CRD - Cyberlearning Research and Development
CNIT 58100-HSS - Homeland Security Seminar
CNIT 58100-IOT - Internet of Things
CNIT 58100-ITD - Diversity in Information Technology
CNIT 58100-ITX - Affecting the Future through Internet of Intelligent Things
CNIT 58100-LEM - Large Event Management and Planning for Homeland Security
CNIT 58100-LME - Information Technology and Leadership in Power and Energy for the US Navy Military Systems
CNIT 58100-NET - Networks & UNIX Administration
CNIT 58100-NFT - Network Forensics
CNIT 58100-NLT - Natural Language Technologies
CNIT 58100-OCM - Organizational Change Management for IT Projects
CNIT 58100-PNS (previously CNIT 58100-004) - Problems in National Information Security
CNIT 58100-RMT - Requirements Management Processes
CNIT 58100-SDR (previously CNIT 58100-008) - Software Design and Development for Robotics
CNIT 58100-SOC - Social Engineering in Information Technology
CNIT 58100-SYS - Systems Thinking and Problem Solving for IT Solutions
CNIT 59000 - Special Problems In Computer Technology (also known as Independent Study in CIT)
CNIT 59800 - Directed Project for M.S. in CIT

CNIT 60000-69999 Graduate Courses

Courses numbered CNIT 60000 through 69999 are graduate courses that are only available to graduate students.  Check myPurdue to see if the course is actually scheduled when you need it.

CNIT 62300 - Contemporary Computer Technology Problems (see list of specific 623 courses below)
CNIT 62300-CPS - Research Topics in Cyberphysical Security
CNIT 62300-GWA - Grant Writing for Applied Research in Information Technology
CNIT 62300-NLS - Natural Language Information Assurance and Security Seminar
CNIT 62300-RMC - Research Methods for Computing
CNIT 62300-RMT - Advanced Research Methods: Data Collection in Information Technology
CNIT 69800 - Research and Thesis for M.S. in CIT

Other Graduate Courses Relevant to CIT Students

As a general rule, any Purdue graduate-level course 50000-level or higher, in any Purdue college or school, may be included in a graduate plan of study if it is deemed appropriate to the student's professional and/or research goals by his/her graduate faculty committee. Students must meet any course prerequisites, and secure any required permissions to enroll in non-CNIT graduate courses.

Check myPurdue to see if the course is actually scheduled when you need it.

CNIT Upper-Division Undergraduate Courses That MIGHT Work in a Graduate Plan of Study

Under special circumstances, a graduate student may include up to six credit hours of undergraduate CNIT courses numbered between 30000 and 49999 in their graduate degree plan of study (Purdue Graduate School policy). The following conditions apply:

  • The undergraduate course must be either a prerequisite to a subsequent graduate course to be included in the plan of study, or provide prerequisite knowledge necessary to complete the student's research and thesis (Purdue Graduate School policy).
  • The undergraduate course cannot be used to satisfy a curriculum requirement in both an undergraduate and graduate degree (Purdue Academic policy).
  • The student is responsible for checking with their faculty committee members to determine if an undergraduate course number will be allowed in a graduate plan of study. Some graduate faculty do not allow their students to take undergraduate courses in a graduate plan of study.  Even if they do allow it, Graduate School policy allows, at most, six credit hours of undergraduate coursework in a graduate plan of study.
  • The undergraduate course must be pre-approved before the student registers for the course. As stated in the prior bullet, this pre-approval comes from the student's graduate faculty committee. Accordingly, graduate students cannot apply for pre-approval until they have established their graduate faculty committee (CIT Graduate Education policy).
  • After pre-approval, the student must earn a grade of B- or better in the undergraduate course (Purdue Graduate School policy).

CNIT 31500 - Systems Programming
CNIT 32500 - Object-Oriented Application Development
CNIT 34200 - Advanced System And Network Administration
CNIT 34500 - Internetwork Design And Implementation
CNIT 34600 - Wireless Networks
CNIT 35500 - Software Development For Mobile Computers
CNIT 37200 - Database Programming
CNIT 38000 - Advanced Analysis and Design
CNIT 38301 - Packaged Application Software Solutions
CNIT 38501 - Advanced Systems Design and Integration
CNIT 38101 - Topics in Computer Information Technology III
CNIT 39200 - Enterprise Data Management
CNIT 40500 - Software Development Methodologies
CNIT 43500 - Advanced Network Services
CNIT 44500 - Advanced Internetwork Routing and Switching
CNIT 44600 - Advanced Wireless Networks
CNIT 45000 - Enterprise Application Development
CNIT 45500 - Network Security
CNIT 45600 - Wireless Security and Management
CNIT 45800 - Biomedical Informatics
CNIT 46000 - High Performance Computing Systems
CNIT 46100 - Parallel Data Systems
CNIT 48101 - Topics in Computer Information Technology IV
CNIT 48700 - Database Administration
CNIT 48800 - Data Warehousing