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‚ÄčNASA and Pathway to Science Funding Opportunities

To Post New Funding Opportunities for CIT Graduate Students

NOTE: This web page is NOT intended to advertise full-time employment opportunities

CIT faculty, other Purdue organization units, and non-Purdue employers can list new assistantships, fellowships, or part-time employment opportunities by contacting Stacy Lane.  Every posting must include the following information:

  • Purdue organization unit name  -or-  external company name
  • Job position name (e.g, web developer, teaching assistant, research assistant, business analyst, system administrator, information security analyst, database administrator, application developer, etc.)
  • Brief description of the position and its duties - can include bulleted lists
  • Description of required or desirable skills and knowledge needed - can include bulleted lists
  • Contact name, title, and optional phone number 
  • Contact email address
  • Optional URL for company, project, course, or other pertinent information.
  • Expiration date for automatic deletion (required)

We can delete your posting at any time upon email request to Stacy Lane.  It will automatically be deleted if you do not request an extension of the automatic deletion date.

Full-Time Employment

Again, this web page is for part-time employment and funding for current graduate students. To explore full-time employment opportunities and services, visit the Purdue Center for Career Opportunities (CCO).