CNIT 58100-AST

Assistive Technology and Robotics

The purpose of this graduate seminar course is to teach students practical skills necessary to conduct effective and meaningful research on the topic of assistive technologies and assistive robotics. The course begins with an introduction to familiarize students with key topics and research in assistive robotics and associated technology areas, such as mobility, vision, hearing, speech, and cognitive aids. Next, students will learn about the components of conducting research in such areas, including needs assessment, literature review, user testing and iterative solution development, evaluation, and prototyping. Students will participate in discussions and debates and site visits, listen to guest speakers, and work on team or individual projects. Students will apply their knowledge in a research project to design, implement, and/or evaluate an assistive technology or robots for specific challenges faced by people with disabilities and the elderly.

Prerequisites: This course is open to all graduate level students interested in Assistive Technology and Robotics. Intermediate computer skills will require successful completion of this course. A 3.0 or better major GPA with instructor permission is required for undergraduate students wanting to take this course.

Typically offered fall semester only

Contact Professor B.C. Min for additional information about this course.

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Computer and Information Technology

West Lafayette