CNIT 58100-IOT

Internet of Things

This course will explore the emergence of technologies and vertical solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT) domain. The course explores the top-level problems that IoT promises to solve, the business drivers, the attributes of IoT enabled enterprise and consumer markets, and how IoT is different from the contemporary Internet. The course will discuss and apply IoT components such as the "things", the data, the people and the processes, as well as vertical markets. Emphasis will be placed on types of architecture, reference models, and standards (both open and proprietary), underlying technologies, commercial products, issues (such as security), and research efforts in the Internet of Things.

Prerequisite:  Good grasp of basic network architecture, design, and operations.  In the CIT undergraduate curriculum, this is provided through CNIT 24000 or CNIT 24200 (or equivalent)

Semesters Offered:  Fall semester only

For more information contact Professor Anthony Smith

Credit Hours: 

Computer and Information Technology