CNIT 58100-LME

Information Technology and Leadership in Power and Energy for the US Navy Military Systems

The interdisciplinary course (ENGR XXX/CNIT 581/SCI XXX) is aimed at junior and senior undergraduate and graduate students interested on developing an understanding of the Navy’s Science and Technology strategic areas with emphasis on power and energy. The focus will be efficient power and energy systems, energy security, high energy and pulsed power.  Modern military energy systems are intensive systems relying on big data and information technology system significantly to manage system health and safety.  Specific topics to be covered are related with energy/storage, renewables (e.g. transportation fuel, solar energy), hydrogen, thermal management, power/flexible electronics, cyber security of control and sensing systems.  Students will also develop understanding on Navy’s history, culture, and mission/vision with emphasis on careers. This course will deliver an introduction to navy and energy systems. Current challenges and opportunities in meeting navy’s energy needs will be outlined.  The course will be lecture, project and application based with projects including application of power management systems for possible military applications like energy management systems.

To be cross listed in ENGR and SCI

Prerequisites:  None listed

Typically offered spring semester only

Contact Professor Eric Dietz for additional information

Credit Hours: 

Computer and Information Technology

West Lafayette