CNIT 58100-OCM

Organizational Change Management for IT Projects

This course introduces knowledge, skills, processes, methods, and techniques that IT project managers should use to manage the "people" side of organizational change that results from IT projects that introduce new technologies, systems, services, and products into the workplace. This is sometimes also called stakeholder management. Organizational change management of information technology is an often-overlooked factor in technology and project management. It directly impacts schedule, budget, scope and customer satisfaction of most projects. Project managers often fail to recognize that business leadership is frequently unfamiliar with how to manage the organizational impact of technology-based change. One module of the course introduces business process modeling and redesign using the open standard, Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) for documenting IT change impact.

This course is currently only offered online using the Purdue Blackboard learning management system.

Typically offered summer session only (online) and occaisionally fall semester.

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Computer and Information Technology

West Lafayette