CNIT 58100-SYS

Systems Thinking and Problem Solving for IT Solutions
An exploration of systems thinking, systems analysis, systems design, and architecture as applied to a wide variety of IT solutions inclusive of information systems, embedded devices, smart appliances/devices, infrastructure systems, IT services, and many other domain of opportunities. Students will learn various system problem solving strategies and development processes, and use classic system concepts and system modeling tools to communicate requirements and designs to various stakeholders and from various viewpoints. Students will apply knowledge and skills to a domain of opportunity from their own experience or graduate education specialization. Systems theory and concepts are used to study the grammars of popular systems analysis and software architecture tools such as the Unified Modeling Language (UML), System Modeling Language (SysML), Architectural Description Language (ADL), Business Process Modeling Language (BPMN), persistent data modeling (for database designs), and others.

Credit Hours: 

Computer and Information Technology

West Lafayette