CNIT 59000

Special Problems In Computer Technology (also known as Independent Study in CIT)

Independent study of a special problem under the guidance of a member of the staff. Does not substitute for either M.S. thesis or M.S. project credit.  

Prerequisites:  Vary. Course requires a formal course proposal to be developed by the student and/or instructor(s), and to be pre-approved by instructor, student's graduate committee chair, and CIT graduate program chair. 

Students may not include more than six credit hours of independent study on their plan of study. Course content may not overlap other CIT courses offered without permission of the CIT graduate program chair.

May be offered fall, spring, and summer sessions, depending on availability of sponsoring faculty member.

Contact specific candidate professor who will sponsor the independent study. Professor Jeff Whitten must ultimately approve all independent study course proposals.

Computer and Information Technology

West Lafayette