CNIT 59800

Directed Project for M.S. in CIT

A formal investigation of a particular problem under the guidance of the advisory committee. Not applicable to a thesis option plan of study. Enrollment during at least two consecutive terms for a total of three credits is required.

Prerequisites:  Instructor permission is required to enroll in this course.

  • Students must enroll in CNIT 59800 for one credit hour in the semester that they write their directed project proposal. It is recommended that students concurrently enroll in TECH 646 in the same semester because that course helps the student write the directed project proposal.
  • Students must enroll in CNIT 58980 for two additional credit hours in the semester that they complete their directed project as previously approved in the previous semester.
  • CIT graduate education policy does NOT permit students to complete the direct project proposal and final directed project with report in the same semester. This policy is based on Purdue Graduate School policy

Offered fall, spring, and summer; however, students MUST check for instructor willingness to enroll during the summer semester since many faculty are not employed by the university during the summer

Computer and Information Technology

West Lafayette