CNIT 62300

Contemporary Computer Technology Problems (see list of specific 623 courses below)

Theory and practice in the development of comprehensive solutions to problems in industrial, technical, and human resource development environments. Solutions based on emerging procedures will be emphasized. This course is used to either prototype new courses until such a time as they can be given permanent course numbers, or to offer a temporary course (e.g., associated with a grant and not intended to become a permanent course number). Each 62300 course number is followed by either a unique alphabetic suffix (e.g., ABC) or numeric suffix (e.g., 123) and is given a unique title and course description.  These courses can be included in a graduate plan of study with the usual condition that they must be approved by the student's graduate committee.  Accordingly, it is important to discuss these courses with your faculty advisor and committee prior to registration.  Repeatable for credit so long as it is not the same course content.

Prerequisites: Vary according to course offering.  All instructors must be certified as graduate faculty.

Semesters offered depend on specific courses offered under this course number

Credit Hours: 

Computer and Information Technology

West Lafayette