CNIT 62300-GWA

Grant Writing for Applied Research in Information Technology

This course will develop the proposal writing skills needed to ensure success in research careers by developing a systematic process for evaluating research opportunities and building a compelling case for funding applied research projects. This is a course that will rely on interactions between the course students and perhaps the graduate student's advisor to identify funding opportunities that apply to the individual student's interests and career interests. The course will provide a standard methodology for evaluating the opportunity, establishing a proposal team, developing objectives, and proposal differentiators for successful selection of research funding.    The course will provide budget and policy advice needed to complete an entire proposal package. The class will include a red team review process or mock proposal evaluation session. The overall purpose is to prepare graduate students for proposal writing as a skill needed in academia, corporate or government research. The 600-level of course is needed to ensure that the course is populated with graduate students with preferably at least one year experience in graduate school. 

Prerequisites:  None listed.

Semesters typically offered:  Ask the instructor 

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Computer and Information Technology

West Lafayette