CNIT 69800

Research and Thesis for M.S. in CIT

A formal investigation of a research question under the guidance of the advisory committee. Applicable only to the thesis option plan of study. Enrollment during at least two consecutive terms for a total of six credits is required.

Registration Comments:

Prerequisites: Instructor permission is required to enroll in this course.

  • Students must enroll in CNIT 69800 for 1-2 credit hours in the semester that they write their thesis proposal. It is recommended that students concurrently enroll in TECH 646 or CNIT 62300-CRM in the same semester because that course helps the student write the thesis proposal.
  • Students must enroll in CNIT 68980 for the remaining remaining credit hours while completing their thesis.
  • If completion of the thesis requires more than two semesters, the student must enroll in at least one additional credit hour per semester.
  • The combination of credits must total at least six credits.
  • It is NOT permitted to do the thesis proposal and final thesis in the same semester.

Offered fall, spring, and summer; however, students MUST check for instructor willingness to enroll during the summer semester since many faculty are not employed by the university during the summer.

Computer and Information Technology

West Lafayette