Ph.D. in Technology

Get your Ph.D. from the Purdue University

The Purdue Polytechnic Institute is committed to offering the technology profession’s leading Ph.D. program. We focus on advancing the disciplines of technology and developing advanced level professionals who engage in technology, technological education, and related leadership. The faculty recognizes a genuine responsibility to prepare future scholar-practitioners in both public (education and government) and private sector environments. The Ph.D. program represents the college’s most advanced manifestation of this commitment.

The primary purposes of the program are to prepare 1) scholarly faculty for technology education programs throughout the nation and world and 2) advanced leader/researchers for public and private sector environments employing such levels of personnel. The program also develops related skills involved in technology-relevant knowledge development, synthesis, and assessment.

Candidates may also prepare for leadership roles in fields such as:

  • technology transfer
  • technology human resource development
  • technology teaching
  • supervision of technology in private and public sector agencies.

Graduates of the program are expected to demonstrate an appropriate level of mastery of the discipline of technology, both in general and with respect to the technological focus built into their program. Given this, the program is structured to enable the development of the technological focus as well as a broad understanding of the discipline.

Successful Ph.D. candidates will demonstrate advanced ability to:

  • Envision, plan and conduct research and development activities;
  • Identify, comprehend, analyze, evaluate and synthesize research;
  • Evaluate technologies and technology-related programs;
  • Assess individual performance with, and understanding of, technology;
  • Communicate effectively and employ constructive professional and interpersonal skills; and
  • Function in one or more of the technology disciplines.
Thomas DeLong Alumni Profile
While my degree grounded me in academic content, the experience taught me to be open to influence. The process of obtaining my degree helped me understand that treating others with grace and respect builds lasting organizations. I realized early on that the world is in desperate need of leaders.
Thomas DeLong
Organizational Leadership and Supervision '79