Grad Student Recruitment


Exceptional Purdue University graduate students invited to apply to the Office of Research;
receive two years of tuition remission and financial support.

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The Polytechnic faculty are eager to work with students who have strong academic backgrounds and interest in interdisciplinary research. All six Schools and Departments are involved in our Strategic Research Impact Areas, and each is looking for students with relevant interests or prior experience in the following:

  • Future Work and Learning

    • Organizational studies, management science, human resources, workforce development, STEM education, instructional design, and/or learning technologies
  • Holistic Safety and Security

    • Safety and security in fields such as aviation and transportation, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, and/or national or homeland defense

    • Increasing safety and security of individuals

  • Realizing the Digital Enterprise

    • Background in domain science or engineering
    • Interest in using computers, process control, automation, sensors, data analytics, or other technologies and processes to increase efficiency and intelligence

Successful candidates will:

  • Successful candidates are chosen by the faculty in the above mentioned Research Impact Areas
  • Receive nine months of research assistantship support from the Polytechnic during your first year and be eligible to apply for nine months of continued support during year two. (Year two eligibility is dependent on demonstrated progress toward meeting agreed-upon goals. Year two support will be in the form of either a research assistantship or teaching assistantship.) This includes tuition remission and financial support.
  • Be co-mentored by at least two faculty, representing multiple disciplines, who support your successful completion of an interdisciplinary research project commensurate with the level of research expected for the PhD degree.
  • Uphold and support the values and goals of the Polytechnic research impact areas.
  • Create an individual development plan, with guidance from the mentors, which includes:

    • Attending an agreed upon set of seminars provided through the Graduate School.
    • Attending and participating in the Polytechnic Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series.
    • Participating in the preparation of at least one grant proposal.
    • Identifying and participating in formal or informal opportunities to develop professional communication, teamwork, business acumen and leadership competencies.
    • Developing a timeline for activities and milestones.
  • Seek and participate in summer internships during your first two summers (Polytechnic Office of Engagement will assist in identifying and securing said internships).

Application Guidelines

The submission window is open for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

There are a limited number of assistantships available in this competitive program that will be awarded on a rolling basis.

Faculty Information: 

Polytechnic Research Impact Area Graduate Recruiting Program

Student Information:

To be considered for the program, students must be accepted by Purdue’s Graduate School into the Polytechnic Ph.D. in Technology program. 

Faculty teams selected to receive funding will recruit and select students to fill funded research assistantship positions.

More Information: