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Welcome to the Department of Technology Leadership & Innovation, where we empower aspiring minds to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology and methodologies in business, industry, and educational contexts. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, our department proudly offers three distinctive programs:

Through these comprehensive pathways, we nurture leaders capable of thriving in diverse industry sectors and STEM education domains. In addition, we offer minor degrees in Design & Innovation and Organizational Leadership available to students in any major. Our graduates are visionary thinkers, coveted by employers for their adeptness in navigating the intricate interplay between technology, innovation, and human dynamics. From project managers to product developers, from corporate trainers to high school teachers, our alumni step confidently into roles that drive progress and transformation. Join us in mastering the art of technology leadership, where possibilities are limitless, and impact knows no bounds.

Colten Lewis

Successful leadership starts with caring about community

The perfect path for a self-proclaimed extrovert, Colten Lewis is majoring in organizational leadership at Purdue. Courses center around developing policies and practices that improve organizations and provide real-world solutions.

Lewis loves the curriculum and appreciates his Purdue professors, who are accommodating and understanding of students’ challenges. After being forced to miss classes due to a medical issue, Lewis benefited from professors who were happy to help him learn what he had missed and kept communication lines open for support.

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