Technical Data Package Certificate Program

Technical Data Packages (TDP) are used to provide an authoritative technical description of an item which is clear, complete and accurate, and in a form and format adequate for its intended use. Emerging industry techniques such as 3-Dimensional Intelligent (3Di) TDPs that uses 3D CAD models with Project Manufacturing Information (PMI) coupled with information from other Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems are now available to communicate requirements for manufacture via industry standard software solutions instead of using 2D drawings. 

To register for the Technical Data Package (TDP) Certificate Program click here

What is the TDP Certificate Program?

The TDP certificate program (TDP CP) is a program that will:

Provide an overview of TDP so that participants will gain an understanding of how it is beneficial to the modern manufacturing environment of their organization along with the use of PLM tools and methods.

Explain and demonstrate how to develop TDP templates and capture TDP recipes using Anark Core Workstation by guiding participants through learning activities to help them gain real world experience capturing the information in a TPD format.

Allow participants up to two hours of direct interaction with the instructor while they complete the course.

How is the class delivered?

The class can be taken in two ways:

  1. Self-paced: Participants will register at any time throughout the year and will watch pre-recorded lectures and demonstrations on their own schedule and will complete exercises at their own pace. Participants taking this option will still have access to the instructor through email to ask questions as they complete the material.
  2. Online instructor-led: Participants and the instructor will join a web meeting at a predetermined time and the class will be delivered live. A minimum of 4 students must register to hold an instructor-led class.

Both formats are taught by Purdue University faculty who have industry experienced instructors to ensure you receive maximum benefit from the content delivered.

What systems are used?

The TDP CP is currently offered with Anark Core Workstation, Adobe Acrobat DC Pro, and CATIA V5-6R2018.

Do I need my own licenses of the software to participate?

  - You do not need access to your own license of the CAD software to participate. A virtual machine will be setup exclusively for your use while you are enrolled in the class, containing all needed software applications.

How much does it cost?

Self-paced classes are based on the number of participants from the same company attending that session

1 participant  $ 1,100.00
2 – 4 participants from the same company  $ 990.00 each
5 or more participants from the same company  $ 880.00 each

Virtual Instructor lead classes carry a 20% premium for each price point.

How do I register?

To register for the Technical Data Package Certificate Program click here

How long will it take?

The maximum amount of time required to view lectures, complete exercises and take quizzes for each module is approximately 24 hours:

Module 1: Introduction to Technical Data Packages ~ 0.5 hours
Module 2: 3Di PDF TDP Background & Process ~ 1.5 hours
Module 3: Guided Practice ~ 5 hours
Module 4: The Future ~ 0.5 hours

Final Assessment ~ 1 hour

Participants completing all four modules will earn 1.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Who should take the TDP CP?

The class is targeted at CAD designers or others who are tasked with creating and consuming Technical Data Packages. Other persons who will benefit from the certificate include: Product Managers, Project Managers, Manufacturing Floor Personnel and Quality Assurance or Inspection Engineers.

Why should I take training from Purdue instead of the a vendor?

Purdue’s goal is to help you understand current industry technology and best practices, while earning a credential that can help advance your professional career.  Our courses focus on the capabilities of current CAD technologies, while illustrating best practices. We are not an advocate for specific CAD tools in this course and will highlight real world challenges that you may encounter along your Model Based journey.

Is a more detailed description of each of the modules available?

See the following paragraphs for a more detailed description of the topics covered in each module.

Module 1: Introduction to Technical Data Packages

This module covers an overview of Technical Data Packages (TDP) and how they fit into the modern manufacturing environment. It also covers what makes up a TDP and the evolution of the TDP over time with the injection of technology. Course topics include:





  • What is a Technical Data Package?
  • Evolution of Technical Data Packages

Module 2: 3Di PDF TDP Backgaround & Process

This module provides and introduction the the 3-Dimensional Intelligent (3Di) TDP and the PDF formate the faciliate it and why it is necessary.  Additionally the modules defines key terminology, provides examples of specific use cases, real world case studies and an introduction to authoring and consuming 3Di PDF TDPs. Course topics include:


  • What is a 3Di PDF TDP?
  • Why 3Di PDF TDP?
  • Terminology
  • 3Di PDF TDP Use Cases
  • DLA and LMI Case Study
  • 3Di PDF TDP Authoring
  • How to Consume 3Di PDF TDP​

Module 3: Guided Practice

This module offers the opportunity for guided practice as a follow up to modules 1 and 2. Students will create a TDP Template Layout using PowerPoint and use Adobe Acrobat DC Pro to script the template to interface with Anark Core Workstation.  They will thine build and export a TDP using native CAD models and Anark Core Workstation to produce a 3Di PDF TDP. They will the learn how to modify the TDP Template and 3Di PDF TDP. The goal of this course is to provide an authentic learning experience for the students while having the advice and guidance of the instructor.Course topics include:
  • Create a 3Di PDF Layout in PowerPoint
  • Setup a PDF Template in Adobe Acrobat DC Pro
  • Create 3Di PDF TDP Recipe for Assembly (Anark Core Workstation Demo/Exercise)
  • Modify 3Di PDF TDP Recipe (Anark Core Workstation Demo/Exercise)


Module 4: The Future

This module offers a look into how the TDP fits into the emerging space of the Digital Thread and Digital Twin. Addtionally we take a look at the challenges that need to be overcome to frully realize the use of 3Di TDPs in the current environment. Course topics include:


  • The Digital Thread
  • 3Di TDP Challenges


If you have any further questions please contact Travis Fuerst at

To register for the Technical Data Package Certificate Program click here