Our People

Current Members/Collaborators


Current Faculty

Suranjan Panigrahi

​Faculty Collaborators

Dr. Jennifer Freeman
Associate Professor Health Science Department, Purdue University

Dr Tim Sellnow
Professor Communications, University of Florida

Dr. Chitta Ranjan Ray

Director Water Center and Professor, Civil Engg, Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Dr Liz Maynard
Clinical Engagement Assistant Professor of Horticulture, Purdue University

Industry Collaborators

Local and regional companies

Past Collaborator/Members



Current Students

PH.D. Students


Ms. Ridhi Deo

Ph.D. Student; Research Area: Predictive Health Informatics and POC (Point-of-Care) diagnostics 

Mr. Heiner Castro

Ph.D. Student; Research Area: Sensors and systems for environmental and agricultural applications.

​Mr. Sean Cline

Ph.D. Student;  Research Area: AR/VR for Healthcare Application

M.S. Students

Mr. Nazim Donawa, Jr.

Research Area: Computer vision-based system for Biological applications

Mr. Bradley Diebold

Research Area: Embedded intelligent system for quality control and automation

Mr. Jiexong Xu

Research Area: Sensors and sensing system for environmental applications.

Ms. Xiang Gu

Research Area: Database-integrated informatics for real-world decision support Systems

Mr. Wei Lantian

Research Area: Vision-based system for autonomous mobile systems

Mr. Yixuan Lyu

Resarch Area: Automation system for manufcaturing applications.


Past Students and Post-docs.

Dr. Abdullah Bayram

Ex-Post doc. 2019

Research Area: Sensors for detection of heavy metal in water


Dr. Larry Himes
Ex Ph.D. Student, 2017

Research Area: Embedded System Development tools 


Ms. Ridhi Deo
M.S. Completed 2018.

Research Area: Predictive Health Informatics 


Mr. Taylor Hubbart

M.S. Completed. 2018.

Research Area: Computer-vision-based inspection system for machine parts


Mrs. Sandhya Arumugam:

M.S. completed 2019.


Mr. Xiayu Yu 

M.S. Student; Research Area: AI and Deep learning for Fall Detection 

Completed summer 2019.


Mr. Ke Xu
Ph.D. Student; Research Area : Machine Learning and Health Care

Completed Summer 2019.

Mr. Hunter Williams

part-time Undergraduate student assistant

Area: Mechanical system design and development