Our Focus

Our focus: Advancing discoveries to deliver solutions for sustainability, safety and healthcare applications via smart sensors, smart sensing system and artificial intelligent technologies including machine learning.

We adopt a solution focused system-based approach. We strive to create innovative solution that can create impact.

We have developed and integrated methods for olfactory, gustatory, and vision sensing for real world applications. The slides below show sample examples for olfactory sensing related to food safety (bacterial contamination) in meat (biological) system.

ISoL's research group focuses on developing new sensing methods and sensor-based systems for
sustainability, safety and healthcare applications.


Zno nanorod for butanol sensing
Zno nanorod for butanol sensing

time/resistance graph
intelligent artificial nose
Intelligent Artificial Nose
Smart Material for Sensor
Smart Material for Sensor

Panigrahi group NDSU; Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 2011;
Sensors & Actuators- B 2011; Sensors & Actuators- B 2011