About the Lab

The mission of the Purdue Human Resources Analytics Interactive Learning Lab is to teach Purdue HRD students in developing computational and data analytics skills with respect to HR related outcomes including the improvements in key HR functions such as recruitment and hiring, performance evaluation, training and development, and retention both at the individual and organizational levels. At the individual level, the outcomes concentrate on the improvement of employee performance, job satisfaction, and decreasing employee turnover intention. At the organizational level, the focus is on the financial impacts of these outcomes as well as the impact of HR programs to the organizational strategy as a strategic business partner.

Located in 366 Young Hall, the Lab provides cutting-edge technology to support computational learning activities in the HRD program. The Lab is equipped with laptops to run SAP Talent Management and SAP Learning Solution programs, as well as The Microsoft Surface Hub which enables collaboration for the modern workplace. Surface Hub transforms traditional classrooms places into modern collaboration spaces, allowing connection with multiple devices using wireless technology.