Ubiquitous and Mobile Investigative Techniques and Technologies (UMIT²)

The Ubiquitous and Mobile Investigative Techniques and Technologies (UMIT2) Lab dedicates itself to the pursuit of digital understanding, the safeguarding of user security and privacy, and the advancement of Digital and Cyber Forensics. We identify, analyze, and expose both flaws and abuses in technologies, with a focus on educating users and providing investigative guidance to law enforcement.

The seemingly never-ending stream of digital devices, with their unparalleled connectivity and storage capabilities, necessitates that Digital Forensics practitioners keep pace. The UMIT2 Lab provides a controlled environment for researchers, faculty, and students to develop, test, and investigate different Digital Forensics techniques and device attack scenarios. Our primary focus is on Internet of Things (IoT) Forensics, Mobile Forensics, Computer Forensics, and Network Forensics.

Facility Location Faculty Contact Courses Taught in This Facility
HEAV 104 Umit Karabiyik -