Current Graduate Students:

  1. Shinelle Hutchinson (PhD)
  2. Mohammad Mirza (PhD)
  3. Fahad Salamh (PhD) (Co-advised with Dr. Marcus Rogers)
  4. Milos Stankovic (PhD)
  5. Yung Han Yoon (MS)
  6. Neesha Shantaram (MS)
  7. Qiyuan Li (MS)
  8. Jiaxuan (Joyce) Zhou (MS)
  9. Nina Matulis (MS)
  10. Praveen Medikonda (MS)


Current Undergraduate Students:

  1. Gabe Frey (BS in Mechanical Engineering and Cybersecurity) 
  2. Myles Lesser (BS in Cybersecurity) 
  3. Akif Ozer (BS in Computer Science)
  4. Apoorva Shrivastava (BS in Cybersecurity)


Former Students:

  1. Travis Cline (PhD 2020, Co-advised with Dr. Eric Dietz)
  2. Nathan Craane (BS in Cybersecurity)
  3. Daniel Sirota (BS in Computer Graphics Technology)
  4. Leith Ellis (BS 2020)
  5. Aastha Sinha (BS in Computer Science)
  6. Takahide Iwai (BS 2019)
  7. Wenying (Iris) Huang (BS 2019)