News and Events

  • [08/02/2021] The Purdue members and the result of the competition round for the Purdue-Hongik Team were featured on Purdue Polytechnic News (link).
  • [07/22/2021] The submission deadline for the competition round has been extended to July 28th at 5pm Central Time.
  • [04/30/2021] Dr. Byung-Cheol Min, Purdue-Hongik Team Leader, received the FY21 Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration Award to honor his interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work, from Polytechnic Institute, Purdue University! Congrats, Dr. Min! (link)
  • [02/01/2021] The Purdue-Hongik Team and the result of the competition round were featured on the iROBOT News in South Korea (link).
  • [01/28/2021] Go-Eum Cha and Su Sun joined the team for the competition (final) round. Go-Eum will lead a task on object detection and identification, and Su will lead a task on multi-robot path planning and coordination. Welcome!
  • [01/15/2021] NASA selected our Purdue-Hongik Team as a finalist team for the NASA Space Robotics Challenge Phase 2 Competition, and we received the certificate (see below)! During 2020, we competed virtually with 114 teams across the globe in the competition round. Check this link for more details!
  • [12/09/2019] Wonse Jo and Shyam Kannan joined the team for the qualification round. Welcome!
  • [11/08/2019] The Purdue-Hongik Team was formed by the research group of Dr. Byung-Cheol Min at Purdue University (SMART Lab) and the research group of Dr. Jonghoek Kim at Hongik University in South Korea. Check the team picture (link)!