AWARDS UPDATE: Polytechnic students, faculty bring tech expertise to dozens of research projects at university-wide Expo

From left to right: Engineering technology professor and project mentor James Tanoos with student researchers Joel Jarrett, Benjamin Traylor and Joon Kang at the Fall 2023 Undergraduate Research Expo. (Photo provided)

UPDATE 12/12/23, 11:30 a.m. EST—The Office of Undergraduate Research at Purdue has announced the winning research talks and posters from each academic unit within the university. Purdue Polytechnic's winners in the research and poster categories for fall of 2023 are as follows:

Research Talks

1st Place: An Analytical and Statistical Analysis of Turbofan Engine Sensor Data

  • Author: Stan Melkumian
  • Mentor: Haritima Chauhan

2nd Place: CATT: Understanding the Online Behavior of Sex Offenders

  • Author: Reeya Ramasamy
  • Mentors: Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar; Tatiana Ringenberg

3rd Place: The effectiveness of visual telemetry projections in maintaining situation awareness under communication delays

  • Author: Linh Pham
  • Mentors: Paul Parsons; Zixu Zhang


1st Place: Sustainability Amongst the Big 3 Hoosier Multinational Automobile Organizations: A Consideration of Whole Life Carbon Emissions Records

  • Authors: Benjamin Traylor; Joel Jarrett; Joon Kang
  • Mentor: Jim Tanoos

2nd Place: Problem Formulation and Solution Generation in Data Visualization Practitioners

  • Author: Phuong Bui
  • Mentors: Paul Parsons; Prakash Shukla

3rd Place: Headphones and Colleges Students: Factors which Increase Consumer Preference for Sustainable Products

  • Author: Adrian Calderon
  • Mentor: Gaurav Nanda


Purdue University's Undergraduate Research Expo for fall 2023 highlighted substantial efforts in Purdue Polytechnic, with participation from 31 undergraduate students and 24 faculty and graduate mentors. Purdue Polytechnic, the college for technology education, focuses on research with tangible, real-world effects paired with hands-on experiences in and out of traditional classroom settings.

"The expo offers a dynamic platform for our students to demonstrate their innovative projects and research capabilities," explained Baijian "Justin" Yang, associate dean for research. "It is an invaluable experience for students to hone their presentation skills and receive constructive feedback, preparing them for future academic and professional challenges."

Polytechnic students and faculty were involved in research with almost any conceivable combination of authors and mentors. In addition to exclusively Polytechnic projects (where both the researchers and faculty/graduate mentors were part of Purdue Polytechnic), the college’s students worked sometimes exclusively with peers and faculty from other colleges, and vice versa for Polytechnic’s mentors.

In total, Purdue Polytechnic students worked with peers from six other academic colleges including the John Martinson Honors College. Several students also worked with mentors from M.I.T. (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Western Illinois University.

The mid-November event was open to the public (as every year), and featured a hybrid format to accommodate both in-person and virtual participants. This practice has been maintained for several years, with the goal of exposing a larger audience of experts and practitioners to Purdue’s research community.

Students presented their work over a two-day period through poster sessions, talks, or virtual presentations, with opportunities to win awards sponsored by various school-related units and Purdue’s chapter of Sigma Xi, or the Scientific Research Honor Society.

In addition to the fall expo, Purdue encourages students to explore other avenues such as the Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research and the Purdue Journal of Service-Learning for publishing their work.

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