External funding for February 2014

During February 2014, the College of Technology received external funding totaling $603,307.50.

Faculty who received funding (all are principal investigators unless otherwise noted) were:

  • Thomas Hacker, Computer and Information Technology, CAREER: Aon - An Integrative Approach to Petascale Fault Tolerance - Amend 1, National Science Foundation, $96,320
  • Nathan Hartman, Computer Graphics Technology, Phase X Rolls Royce/Purdue PLM Collaboration Proposal, Rolls-Royce Inc., $100,000
  • Denver Lopp (PI), Richard Simmons (co-PI), and Gozdem Kilaz (co-PI), Aviation Techology, Renewable Acid-Hydrolysis Condensation Hydrotreating (REACH) Pilot Plant, Mercurius Biofuels, $132,975
  • Denver Lopp (PI) and David Stanley (co-PI), Swift Fuels, Swift Fuels LLC, $12,500
  • Eric Matson, Computer and Information Technology, Korean Fire Fighting Development Project - Phase 3, Daegu Gyeongbuk, Institute of Science and Technology, $40,000
  • Pankaj Sharma, Technology Leadership and Innovation

    • Duke Energy Academy at Purdue, Duke Energy Foundation, $211,950
    • (co-PI) Solar Energy Research Institute for India and the United States (SERIIUS); Mod 1,National Renewable Energy Laboratory, $9,562.50

The amounts listed are disbursements in a specific month and may not reflect the entire amount of a project’s funding.