Meet Chad Kingsolver, mechanical engineering technology major

Chad Kingsolver, Frankfort, Ind.

Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology


Intramural sports
Tau Alpha Pi honor society, engineering technology honor society

My major

I like to be the one who makes sure everything gets done. I don’t need to be in charge, but I make sure everything is completed and in a timely fashion. MET is a major that deals with the mechanical aspect of engineering. It involves using known principles and technology to incorporate into the design and production of a process. MET is less theoretical, so whatever might work on paper or CAD software is actually put into practical use and made as efficient as possible. We take into consideration things like turbulence, friction, and other real-life factors that may be neglected in the design process. I’ve been able to experience a broad spectrum in MET, from electrical to fluids to thermodynamics.

A ha!

I grew up on a farm so I knew what hands-on was. I wanted a major with hands-on component, and I wanted to learn stuff I didn’t know anything about. In every class, we have a lab where you can be hands-on and learn by seeing the system instead of just drawing on the board or a CAD software program. My favorite lab was a fluid power lab using hydraulic components. We got to see what goes into components that enables hydraulics to retract and extend cylinders, which is important in construction equipment, among other machines.

Making a difference

I just want to be in a career that I enjoy and use my major to benefit the company that I work for. I want to come back to Purdue to tell the students to work hard because it pays off in the end. Every ounce of effort counts, especially in college.

Putting knowledge to work

One summer, I had an internship with Ryan Fire Protection. I was in charge of retrofitting and creating fire protection systems in building and factories. Last summer, I had an internship with Donaldson Company Inc. in my hometown. I was in charge of the air filters they make for machinery equipment. I worked to get their machines and lines to be more efficient and figured out ways to increase the productivity of air filters.