Polytechnic research awards - July 2020

Funded research awards for July 2020. Bolded names are Purdue Polytechnic faculty or staff; starred names are the principal investigators.

  • Building the Research Innovation Workforce: A Workshop to Identify New Insights and Directions to Advance the Research Innovation Workforce
    Investigator (s): Tom Hacker**, Preston Smith; Sponsor: National Science Foundation; Polytechnic: $81,980.00; Total: $163,960
  • Purdue Graduate Student Fellowships (3)
    Investigator(s): Mary Johnson, John Mott, Ken Burbank; Sponsor: Purdue University Ross Fellowship; Polytechnic: $113,435.75
  • Purdue Graduate Student Fellowships (3)
    Investigator(s): Austin Toombs, John Mott, Nathan Hartman; Sponsor: Purdue University F.N. Andrews Fellowship; Polytechnic: $83,252.00
  • Purdue Doctoral Program
    Investigator(s): Steve Elliott; Sponsor: Purdue University; Polytechnic: $16,360.00

**Indicates principal investigator

Total Polytechnic awards = $295,027.75