Professor, grad student rewarded for excellence in research

Marcus Rogers, a professor in computer and information technology, and Kevin O’Connor, a graduate student in information technology, won awards from the Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS) in April 2012.

Rogers received a commemorative clock and a plaque for the 2012 Pillar Award for making exceptional efforts to support and grow CERIAS.  Rogers contributed service above and beyond what was expected and excelled in research and education.

“The access [within CERIAS] to other faculty from various departments, grant opportunities, private sector partnerships, and pool of exceptional students has greatly enhanced my scholarship, engagement and service opportunities,” said Rogers.

O’Connor, expected to receive his mater’s degree in 2013, received a diamond-shaped trophy for the Diamond Award. This award recognizes students “who have thrived under the pressure of their academic program to emerge as ‘gems’ in the field,” according to the CERIAS website.

O’Connor is working with Professor Stephen Elliot in the Biometrics Lab on standardization issues. Currently, he is focusing on how individuals interact with certain biometric modalities.