People Profiles

Name Degree(s)
Allison Babilonia Allison Babilonia Network Engineering Technology
Karen Waldenmeyer Karen Waldenmeyer BS, ’08, Computer Graphics Technology; MS, ’10, Technology
Bri Baehl Bri Baehl Animation and Visual Effects (CGT)
Emily Hobart Emily Hobart Mechanical Engineering Technology
David Hetrick David Hetrick BS ’90, Building Construction Technology
Matthew Schneider Matthew Schneider Unmanned Aerial Systems (SATT)
Angie Walqui Angie Walqui Cybersecurity
Shanna Morrett Shanna Morrett BS, ’06, Computer Graphics Technology; MS, ’08, Computer Graphics Technology
Erin Moore Digital Enterprise Systems (SOET) and Building Information Modeling (CMT)
Dannalee Mata Dannalee Mata Audio Engineering Technology (SOET)