People Profiles

Name Degree(s)
David Hetrick David Hetrick BS ’90, Building Construction Technology
Shanna Morrett Shanna Morrett BS, ’06, Computer Graphics Technology; MS, ’08, Computer Graphics Technology
Angie Walqui Angie Walqui Cybersecurity
Jennifer Rider Jennifer Rider BS ’99, Computer Graphics Technology
Matthew Young Matthew Young BS ’05, Computer and Information Technology; MS ’07, Industrial Distribution
Oluwaseun Odukomaiya Oluwaseun Odukomaiya BS ’06, Mechanical Engineering Technology; MS ’08, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Mark Beals Mark Beals Engineering Technology '90
 James Gardiner James Gardiner BS ’96, Building Construction Technology
Allen Lindsey Allen Organizational Leadership with a minor in Psychology
Brian Birk Brian Birk AS in Mechanical Engineering Technology ‘82, BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology ‘83