CGT Graduate Students


Shawn RuemlerShawn Ruemler

Shawn is a Masters student in the Computer Graphics Technology department at Purdue University.  He is currently working for Dr. Nathan Hartman in the Product Lifecycle Management Center of Excellence doing research for with an industry partner on best practices with data translations.  He graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelors in Computer Graphics Technology with a focus on Virtual Product Integration.  He is currently undecided on his thesis.



Tonia DinhTonia Dinh

Hanhdung Dinh (Tonia) is a master student studying Computer Graphic Technology at Purdue University with a research focus in Product Lifecycle Management. She completed her bachelor degree from Weber State University on Design Graphic Engineering Technology. Her degree focused heavily on Computer Aided Design for both Mechanical and Architecture study. She has worked for different industries within the past 2 years. Currently, she is a TA for the Computer Graphic Technology department.