Research Projects

Research ProjectsProcess Overview:

Topics generated by IAB members at spring (~April) IAB meeting

Request for proposals sent to faculty at start of fall semester

IAB selects winning proposals (3 – 5 per year) at fall (~October) IAB meeting

Performance period is following calendar year

  • Project status update at spring IAB meeting
  • Final report presentation at fall IAB meeting


Research Projects30 seed grants awarded since 2005

Average award $30,000, typically funding one ½-time graduate research assistant

Breakdown by college:

  • College of Technology/Purdue Polytechnic Institute: 17.5 awards
  • College of Engineering: 9 awards
  • College of Science: 3.5 awards


Research ProjectsProprietary Projects

PLM Center Director and staff can assist IAB members and other companies interested in sponsoring research projects. These projects provide several benefits to industry sponsors:

  • Ability to meet company specific needs
  • Companies often recruit and hire graduate student research assistants
  • Greater insights into faculty research areas and future collaboration possibilities
  • Include non-disclosure agreements
  • Intellectual property agreements