Faculty Research Interests

Thomas Carney's Research Interests

  • The impact of weather on aviation operations
  • Synoptic-scale dynamics and energetics, and the interactions between synoptic- and mesoscale motion fields
  • High performance turbine flight operations
  • High altitude/high speed flight operations
  • Corporate flight department management

Ronda Cassens's Research Interests

  • Aviation Safety
  • Human Factors

Benjamin Dibuduo's Research Interests

  • Professional Flight

Brian Dillman's Research Interests

  • Methods for implementing a safety culture in a collegiate aviation environment
  • Advanced upset training applicable to the airlines and aircraft control issues
  • Identifying methods to determine the probability of success and increasing student retention in aviation flight program

Richard Fanjoy's Research Interests

  • Advanced Transportation Aircraft Operations
  • Advanced flight instrumentation
  • Flight student cognition and achievement motivation
  • Aviation Human Factors

Thomas Hagovsky's Research Interests

  • Distance education
  • Computing (WWW integration into education process)
  • Human Factors dealing with the pilot maintenance technician communications and interactions

Mary Johnson's Research Interests

  • Aviation Sustainability modeling and analysis
  • Safety metrics development for general aviation
  • Aviation Fuels Testing and Analysis
  • Aviation data analysis
  • Supply Chain impacts and aviation fuels
  • Landing/Take Off cycle characterization for emissions models

Julius Keller's Research Interests

  • General Aviation Human Factors
  • Collegiate Aviation Recruitment and Retention
  • General Aviation/Collegiate Aviation Training and Education

Michael Leasure's Research Interests

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems

Henry Lehrer's Research Interests

  • Civil Aviation History: 1920-40
  • DIstance/Non-Traditional Instructional Systems
  • Aviation Policy Development

Chien-tsung Lu's Research Interests

  • Safety Management Systems
  • Airport Security
  • Risk Management in Aviation Systems

John Mott's Research Interests

  • Mathematical process modeling
  • Aviation applications of Bayesian inference
  • Transportation process measurement and improvement

Michael Nolan's Research Interests

  • Air traffic control technologies, procedures, air traffic management and controller training systems
  • Airline operations, high performance flight planning
  • Computer network theory and operation, computer assisted instruction and training

Dale Oderman's Research Interests

  • Air transportation Fundamentals
  • Aviation History
  • Airline Operations and Management
  • Aviation Safety and Security
  • Business Ethics
  • Communications Skills

Jason Ostanek's Research Interests

  • heat transfer
  • fluid mechanics
  • thermodynamics

Donald Petrin's Research Interests

  • Aviation Human Factors and Crew Resource Management
  • Advanced Aircraft Automation
  • Globalization Concepts and Implementation
  • Development of Aviation Safety Decision Matrices

Timothy Ropp's Research Interests

  • Technology innovations in Air Vehicle Maintenance and Aerospace Advanced Manufacturing
  • Safety Management Systems and Threat Management for Aviation Operations
  • Lead faculty: Hangar of the Future Research Laboratory

Stewart Schreck...'s Research Interests

  • Safety Management Systems
  • Aviation Regulatory Compliance
  • Aviation Security

David Stanley's Research Interests

  • Biofuels testing and development
  • Propulsion development
  • Extended and Advanced Aircraft Support

Ronald Sterkenburg's Research Interests

  • Composite and Metallic Aircraft Structural Repair
  • Composite Material Manufacturing

James Thom's Research Interests

  • Inappropriate Crew Response to engine malfunction
  • Alternative Fuels and Propulsion Systems
  • Engineering Design Support and Logistics Analysis
  • Female and Minority Careers in Aerospace Technologies
  • Distance Education

Bernard Wulle's Research Interests

  • Accident Investigation
  • Communication issues between flight crews and ground support technicians
  • Gender issues in the aviation industry
  • Regional Airline operations