Advanced Aviation Analytics Institute for Research

Advanced Aviation Analytics Institute for Research: A Center of Research Excellence (A³IR-CORE)

Director: Dr. John H. Mott, Professor, School of Aviation & Transportation Technology


The Advanced Aviation Analytics Institute for Research (A³IR- CORE), a University-level Center of Research Excellence that resides in the School of Aviation and Transportation Technology, is focused on the dual mission of solving industry problems and providing educational experiences for students by actively involving both graduate and undergraduate student researchers working closely with faculty mentors in a highly-collaborative multidisciplinary environment.  The Center is sponsored by multiple industry and government partners, and much of the research performed occurs in conjunction with those partners.

The research agenda of the Center is focused primarily on the collection, aggregation, and analysis of distributed transportation data, and the development of decision support tools based on that analysis.  The Center generates substantial scholarship that disseminates its research through internationally-recognized conferences and peer-reviewed scholarly journals.

Flagship functions of the A³IR-CORE center

  • To cultivate undergraduate research and enhance the undergraduate and graduate educational experience by facilitating teams composed of faculty mentors working alongside graduate and undergraduate students
  • To offer graduate students opportunities to lead research teams
  • To explore new and emerging technologies and apply them to existing and innovative research ideas
  • To contribute to Purdue e-Pubs, a product of Purdue University Libraries' open access publishing initiative 
  • To promote the bridging of Aviation and Transportation Technology and engineering

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Current A³IR-CORE Projects

UAS TPFS Kick-Off Meeting

Multiple State Departments of Transportation:  Development of an Integrated Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Validation Center (Joint Project with JTRP / Civil Engineering).  TRP-5(381):


Purdue Polytechnic Institute:  Reduction of Multipath Interference in Mid-Range Wi-Fi Data Transmission (USPTO Utility Patent No. 11,444,644, September 13, 2022).


SAFE-RWSL:  Low-cost Runway Status Light System (USPTO Provisional Patent No. 63/461,613, April 25, 2023).



Tool for Rapid CFD Generation of No-fly Zones for UAS Infrastructure Inspections (USPTO Provisional Patent No. 63/529,040, July 26, 2023).


Ops Center Research Team

Purdue School of Aviation & Transportation Technology:  Operations Control Center Analytics Team - Project to improve flight training safety and efficiency.

Completed A³IR-CORE Projects

FAA Project 29 Team

Federal Aviation Administration:  PEGASAS Project 29 - Operations Counting Technology for Non-Towered Airports:


Delta Projects

Delta Air Lines:  Human Factors in Line Maintenance, TechOps and ACS Ergonomics Assessments