Capstone Education, For The Learning

Each year, the School of Engineering Technology (SoET) launches a two semester Multidisciplinary Senior Capstone Experience for our soon-to-be graduating engineering technology students. Capstone Education, in the SoET, uses a design thinking methodology. Design thinking focuses on activities where students learn the intellectual constructs and practical methodologies needed to realize a deliverable that meets or exceeds a client’s expectations.

The first course, ENGT 48000 is 3 credit hours, with two 1-hour lecture periods and one 2-hour laboratory period. The second course, ENGT 48100 is 3 credit hours, with one 1-hour lecture period and two 2-hour laboratory periods. In addition to the required lecture and laboratory periods each team has required weekly meetings with their academic and industry mentors. A stage/gate process is used to move the capstone students from team formation, project proposal, conceptual design, preliminary design, critical design review, fabrication, and test, and to final deliverable. Gates 1-3 are completed in ENGT 48000 and Gates 4-6 are completed in ENGT 48100.

Become a Sponsor of Capstone Education

The Capstone Program in the SoET is focused on teaching, learning, and preparing the best-ever engineering technology graduates that companies want to hire. The SoET Capstone Program is not a substitute for professional engineering services and there is no guarantee of a successful project outcome. There are numerous ways to get involved with Capstone Education in the SoET as a sponsor:

  • Tech Expo Support ($500+)
  • Community Foundations, Capstone Project Sponsorship ($6,000)
  • Industries and Companies, Capstone Project Sponsorship ($8,000)
  • Center for Technology Development, Capstone Project Sponsorship ($10,000+)
  • Capstone Plus uses Purdue owned IP, Capstone Project Sponsorship ($11,000+)

Contact Information

If the idea of sponsoring a capstone team with a project in the SoET interests you, contact Dr. Frederick (Fred) C. Berry, (765) 494-8294.

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